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Subscription price CiteScore 0. The objectives of IJEWM are to establish an effective channel of communication between policy-makers, government agencies, academics and research institutions, and professionals working in the field, and to provide a forum for them to disseminate information. The international dimension is emphasised in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of accelerating technological change and changes in the global economy. It will serve as a vehicle for the documentation and dissemination of what government bodies, research agencies, international bodies, universities, aid agencies, industries, and environmental scientists and professionals are doing in the areas of environmental and waste management.

Waste management

SJR 0. Keywords: energy , infrastructure planning , sustainability. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers -. Waste and Resource Management. Key: Open access content Subscribed content Free content Trial content. Available content. Volumes and Issues.

Awareness and Implementation of Solid Waste Management (SWM) Practices

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Journal of Waste Management and Disposal

It broadly encompassed various traditional waste disposal and new sustainable energy sources related topics. The invention of instrumentation and neo-methods on waste characterization and collection are also included. It emphasizes the application of waste disposal and sustainable energy technology to environmental and earth issues.

Open Access Journal of Waste Management & Xenobiotics (OAJWX)

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Waste management or waste disposal includes the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. Waste can be solid, liquid, or gaseous and each type has different methods of disposal and management. Waste management deals with all types of waste, including industrial, biological and household. In some cases, waste can pose a threat to human health. Health issues can also arise indirectly or directly. Directly, through the handling of said waste, and indirectly through the consumption of water, soil and food. Waste is produced by [3] human activity, for example, the extraction and processing of raw materials.

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A central concern that has remained relevant in recent years has been the management of waste and pollution. Improper disposal methods such as open-air burning and unsafe recycling have led to significant public and environmental health issues including respiratory disorders, resource depletion, and infant mortality. Adopting new waste management techniques is a necessity in order to preserve the health of the global community and ecosystem. Waste Management Techniques for Improved Environmental and Public Health: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides innovative insights into the advancing methods and technologies of reducing pollution and promoting sustainable development. The content within this publication examines ecological technologies, risk assessment, and green operation.

Waste management is the collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage by treating, sewage and other waste substances. Journal of Waste Management and Disposal JWMD is an open-access peer-reviewed journal strives to present a mix of subject matter that will best serve to help the reader understand the entire problem.

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