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This work is an attempt to evolve a means for statically and dynamical balancing of mechanical components. This will no doubt evolve greater success in ensuring sound fabrication of our local machine and ensuring that life span of such machine is prolonged since vibration will be reduced to the bearest minimum. Every wheel and its shaft have to be in a state of balanced, two mating shaft in rotation have to be in a state of static and dynamic balance.

Gravity Compensation, Static Balancing and Dynamic Balancing of Parallel Mechanisms

The rotating system is essentially a shaft, mounted on bearings, supported in a rigid frame, and driven by a small variable speed motor attached to the frame. Four discs, to which masses may be attached, are rigidly secured to the shaft. Each disc is suitably drilled and the sets of holes are positioned so that various conditions of un-balance in a rotating system can be simulated and the normal methods used to determine the magnitude and position of the counter-balance masses. The unit is supported on springs attached to the main support frame so that the oscillations set up by any unbalanced forces may be observed. The centre section of the shaft is in the form of a crank. A sleeve, piston and connecting rod are provided and may be fitted to the unit so that single cylinder engine balance conditions can be simulated. Various sector plates of suitable mass can be attached to the two inner discs so that the student can observe the effect on the oscillations of various conditions of partial balance of the reciprocating masses.

Many people are needlessly apprehensive of performing their own dynamic balancing procedure. This application note will demonstrate with the aid of several worked examples, how easy it is to balance rotating machinery. As the object would now be completely balanced in the static condition but not necessarily in dynamic this is known as Static Balancing. Secondary Balancing describes the process where primary forces and secondary force couples caused by unbalanced mass components in a rotating object may be resolved into two or more planes and balanced by adding mass increments in those planes. This balancing process is often known as Dynamic Balancing because the unbalance only becomes apparent when the object is rotating. After being balanced dynamically, the object would be completely balanced in both static and dynamic conditions. The difference between static balance and dynamic balance is illustrated in Fig.

Static And Dynamic Balancing Using Portable Measuring Equipment

The rotor is supported horizontally in ball bearings and is driven by a speed-controlled motor. The speed is measured electronically and shown on a digital display. For determination of the unbalance weight by measuring the balance of moments the driving belt can be removed. Using different weights dragging on the pulley defined moments can be exerted to the shaft. They can be compared with those caused by the unbalance weights when rotating. The transparent hood prevents contact with the rotating parts and provides a good view of the rotor.

The plane of the disturbing mass may be in between the planes of the two balancing masses, and 2. The plane of the disturbing mass may lie on the left or right of the two planes containing the balancing masses. Dynamic balancing is done on parts that are long compared to their diameters such as rotor assemblies. Unless both ends of the part are balanced, mass imbalance will continue to exist. The TM is an experiment that looks at balancing a rotating mass system, statically and dynamically. It demonstrates balancing a horizontal shaft with tw. The balancing of rotating bodies is important to avoid babyky.

This experiment focuses on a more theoretical approach of balancing using the machine provided by TecQuipment's Static and Dynamic Balancing (TM).

Balancing of rotating masses

Bench top apparatus for experiments in balancing a rotating mass system, statically and dynamically. This product allows students to do experiments in balancing a rotating mass system and check their results against accepted theory. A sturdy base unit holds a test assembly on four flexible mounts. The test assembly includes a balanced steel shaft mounted horizontally on low friction bearings. The equipment includes a set of four rotating masses balance blocks.

The block are clamped on shaft is rotated by a motor to check dynamic balance of the system. The system is provided with angular and longitudinal scales and is suspended with chains for dynamic balancing. To balance the masses statically and dynamically of a single rotating mass system.

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Static And Dynamic Balancing Using Portable Measuring Equipment

The balancing of rotating bodies is important to avoid vibration. In heavy industrial machines such as gas turbines and electric generators , vibration can cause catastrophic failure , as well as noise and discomfort.

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    1- Illustrate the difference between static and dynamic balancing and the advantages of each type. 3- Show that if a shaft is dynamically balanced it is automatically in static balance, 5) Connect the apparatus to an electricity socket.

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