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synthesis of graphene and its applications a review pdf

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This introduction to graphene has been created to impart a general understanding of what graphene is, the types of graphene available, as well as synthesis methods and applications of graphene. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon that exists as a two-dimensional planar sheet.

Innovative breakthroughs in fundamental research and industrial applications of graphene material have made its mass and low-cost production as a necessary step toward its real world applications. This one-atom thick crystal of carbon, gathers a set of unique physico-chemical properties, ranging from its extreme mechanical behavior to its exceptional electrical and thermal conductivities, which are making graphene as a serious alternative to replace many conventional materials for various applications. In this review paper, we highlight the most important experimental results on the synthesis of graphene material, its emerging properties with reference to its smart applications. We discuss the possibility to successfully integrating graphene directly into device, enabling thereby the realization of a wide range of applications, including actuation, photovoltaic, thermoelectricity, shape memory, self-healing, electrorheology, and space missions.

A Review: Synthesis Methods of Graphene and its Application in Supercapacitor Devices

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: The field of nanotechnology has advanced following the discovery of a two-dimensional material of sp2 hybridized carbon atoms, graphene in by Geim and Novoselov. Graphene has received so much attention due to its exceptional electronic, thermal, mechanical, and optical properties in addition to its large surface area and single-atom thickness. View PDF.

Pinang, Malaysia. Graphene has emerged as the most popular topic in the active research field since graphene's discovery in by Andrei Geim and Kostya Novoselov. Since then, graphene research has exponentially accelerated because of its extraordinary properties, which have attracted the interest of researchers all over the world. For example, among the key properties are its thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, optical transparency, and mechanical properties. These remarkable properties of graphene show its promise for applications in different industries including optical electronics, photovoltaic systems and others.

Graphene is a remarkable material with high electron mobility, good mechanical strength and almost transparent. In this paper, we review the available methods which are chemical vapour deposition, Hummers and electrochemical exfoliation method for the production of graphene. Among the extensive studies in the application of graphene, supercapacitor has gained much attention nowadays. Therefore, we also briefly review the application of graphene as electrodes for the supercapacitor devices. Request Permissions. Novoselov, A.

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Graphene has been recently introduced as a promising material for various applications due to its outstanding mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties. It is classified as an allotropic form of carbon with the size of a single layer of graphite. This paper provides an extensive review regarding different critical applications of graphene including three categories namely: energy harvesting, strain sensors technology, and steel industry. The paper highlights what has been traversed in each category and provides an insight for researchers on what still needs to be investigated, which would open new horizons for scientific research and industrial applications. This field of research is expected to yield results that will have a considerable advance specially in 3D strain sensing technology. Also a special attention is given to the application of graphene in steel coating, steel welding, and lubrication.

Synthesis of Graphene and Its Applications: A Review. Full Article · Figures & data · References · Citations; Metrics; Reprints & Permissions · PDF.

Graphene Synthesis, Properties, And Applications

Graphene is a remarkable material with great potential in many applications due to its chemical and physical properties. In this review we briefly present the recent research progress in graphene and graphene-based nanomaterials synthesis and discuss the practical aspects of using the materials produced via these methods for different graphene-based applications. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Trends analysis of graphene research and development.

Daniel R. This review examines the properties of graphene from an experimental perspective. The intent is to review the most important experimental results at a level of detail appropriate for new graduate students who are interested in a general overview of the fascinating properties of graphene. While some introductory theoretical concepts are provided, including a discussion of the electronic band structure and phonon dispersion, the main emphasis is on describing relevant experiments and important results as well as some of the novel applications of graphene. In particular, this review covers graphene synthesis and characterization, field-effect behavior, electronic transport properties, magnetotransport, integer and fractional quantum Hall effects, mechanical properties, transistors, optoelectronics, graphene-based sensors, and biosensors.

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