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Yet there has been limited engagement between political ecology and the field of peace and conflict studies. This lack of connection reflects in part the broader disciplinary context of these two fields. Whereas political ecology research mostly comes from disciplines that eschewed environmental determinism, such as human geography, much of peace and conflict studies is associated with political science using positivist approaches to determine the causal effects of environmental factors on conflicts.

Okere Joseph Fasae Kehinde. Mrs Oluchi O. Her research interests are publishing and scholarly communication. In this study, citation analysis was used to investigate the growth pattern and trends in peace and conflict studies as a subject discipline.

Current Issue: Volume 27, Number 2 (2020) Power and Conflict

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Citation patterns in Peace and Conflict Studies

Skip to main content. Main Menu Utility Menu Search. Download Citations. Kelman HC. Political Psychology [Internet]. Social psychology and the study of peace: Personal reflections. In: Tropp L The Oxford handbook of intergroup conflict.

Although the reality of conflict and aspirations for peace is an ubiquitous feature of human history, the forms and nature of conflict continue to diversify from traditional contests over religion, identity, ideology, and resources land, water, minerals, and oil into more complex forms of narco-terrorism, human trafficking, trans-border crime syndicates, and political terrorism. Similarly, the sites of conflicts can also be located from the domestic, organizational, local, to the national and global. What is making the understanding of contemporary conflicts more complex is the way in which various forms and levels of conflicts are intertwined to produce specific manifestations in particular locales. Given the complexity of conflict phenomenon, varied perspectives and analytic frames are evolving in mediation, negotiation, and peace practices to deal with the central challenge of our times. Dear faculty, students, and the larger academic and professional community,.

Selected Publications

If there is no scope for occasional expression, of conflict and if it is deliberately suppressed, the. However they also noted that different. Religion, Conflict and Peace. The theoretical obverse of "democratic peace" theory is a republican liberal theory of war, which stresses risk -acceptant leaders and rent -seeking coalitions. Peace is not only a matter of control and reduction of the overt use of violence, but also vertical development.

International Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies (IJPCS)

Focus 2 : What do we know about radicalization? Key findings, challenges, and policy recommendations. The IJCV provides a forum for scientific exchange and public dissemination of up-to-date scientific knowledge on conflict and violence.

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