Managements And Applications Of Trust In Wireless Sensor Networks A Survey Pdf

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managements and applications of trust in wireless sensor networks a survey pdf

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A Survey on Trust Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Trust evaluation is an effective method to detect malicious nodes and ensure security in wireless sensor networks WSNs. In this paper, an efficient dynamic trust evaluation model DTEM for WSNs is proposed, which implements accurate, efficient, and dynamic trust evaluation by dynamically adjusting the weights of direct trust and indirect trust and the parameters of the update mechanism. To achieve accurate trust evaluation, the direct trust is calculated considering multitrust including communication trust, data trust, and energy trust with the punishment factor and regulating function. The indirect trust is evaluated conditionally by the trusted recommendations from a third party. Moreover, the integrated trust is measured by assigning dynamic weights for direct trust and indirect trust and combining them. Finally, we propose an update mechanism by a sliding window based on induced ordered weighted averaging operator to enhance flexibility. We can dynamically adapt the parameters and the interactive history windows number according to the actual needs of the network to realize dynamic update of direct trust value.

Abstract Wireless Sensor Network WSN is regarded as emerging futuristic technology which promises various applications development for military and people. Wireless Sensor Network technology is combined with processing power and wireless communications which makes it vulnerable for security breaches in the future. In addition of Wireless Technology it is open to all types of security threats. WSN is deal with both malicious and selfish misbehaving nodes. Our notion of selfishness is social selfishness as very often humans carrying communication devices smart phones, GPSs, etc. Our notion of maliciousness refers to malicious nodes performing trust-related attacks to disrupt WSN operations built on trust e. We aim to design and validate a dynamic trust management protocol for WSN routing performance optimization in response to dynamically changing conditions such as the population of misbehaving nodes.

Mobile ad-hoc networks MANETs and wireless sensor networks WSNs have gained remarkable appreciation and technological development over the last few years. Despite ease of deployment, tremendous applications and significant advantages, security has always been a challenging issue due to the nature of environments in which nodes operate. Trust and reputation based approaches have gained global recognition in providing additional means of security for decision making in sensor and ad-hoc networks. This paper provides an extensive literature review of trust and reputation based models both in sensor and ad-hoc networks. Based on the mechanism of trust establishment, we categorize the stateof-the-art into two groups namely node-centric trust models and system-centric trust models. Based on trust evidence, initialization, computation, propagation and weight assignments, we evaluate the efficacy of the existing schemes.

An Efficient Dynamic Trust Evaluation Model for Wireless Sensor Networks

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A Survey on Trust Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

As a key component of the information sensing and aggregating for big data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things IoT , the information security in wireless sensor network WSN is critical. Due to constrained resources of sensor node, WSN is becoming a vulnerable target to many security attacks. Compared to external attacks, it is more difficult to defend against internal attacks. The former can be defended by using encryption and authentication schemes.

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Trust Models in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Wireless Sensor Network WSN consists of spatially distributed autonomous sensors to monitor environmental or physical conditions and has many practical applications. WSNs are of interest to adversaries and they become susceptible to some types of attacks since they are deployed in open and unprotected environments. Due to the limited resources of WSNs, it is challenging to incorporate basic security features such as authentication, key distribution and privacy in WSNs. But, trust management that models the trust on the behavior of elements of the network, can be especially useful for a sensor network environment to enhance security. Find By Topic.

Ali, S. International Journal of Technology. Volume 9 4 , pp. Wireless Sensor Network WSN technology has gained importance in recent years due to its various benefits, practicability and extensive utilization in diverse applications. The innovation helps to make real-time automation, monitoring, detecting and tracking much easier and more effective than previous technologies.

This paper introduces the security and trust concepts in wireless sensor networks and explains the difference between them, stating that even though both terms are used interchangeably when defining a secure system, they are not the same. The difference between reputation and trust is also explained, highlighting that reputation partially affects trust. The methodologies used to model trust and their references are presented. The factors affecting trust updating are summarised and some examples of the systems in which these factors have been implemented are given. The survey states that, even though researchers have started to explore the issue of trust in wireless sensor networks, they are still examining the trust associated with routing messages between nodes binary events.

A Survey on Trust Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

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