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theory and applications of generalized bessel functions pdf

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Bessel functions , first defined by the mathematician Daniel Bernoulli and then generalized by Friedrich Bessel , are canonical solutions y x of Bessel's differential equation. Bessel's equation arises when finding separable solutions to Laplace's equation and the Helmholtz equation in cylindrical or spherical coordinates. Bessel functions are therefore especially important for many problems of wave propagation and static potentials.

Ali, S. Mubeen, I. Nayab, Serkan Araci, G.


The linear second order ordinary differential equation of type. The Bessel function can be represented by a series, the terms of which are expressed using the so-called Gamma function :. The Gamma function is the generalization of the factorial function from integers to all real numbers. It has, in particular, the following properties:. The Bessel functions can be calculated in most mathematical software packages as well as in MS Excel. In this case the general solution is described by another formula:.

Differential Subordinations Involving Generalized Bessel Functions

Because of their remarkable properties, special functions have been used frequently by scientists. For example, a wide range of problems concerning the most important areas of mathematical physics and various engineering problems are linked into application of Bessel and hypergeometric functions. These functions are often used in the solution of problems of hydrodynamics, acoustics, radio physics, atomic and nuclear physics, information theory, wave mechanics and elasticity theory. Special functions play also an important role in geometric function theory. Maybe the most known application is the solution of the famous Bieberbach conjecture by de Branges.

Fractional calculus and fractional differential equations FDE have many applications in different branches of sciences. But, often a real nonlinear FDE has not the exact or analytical solution and must be solved numerically. Therefore, we aim to introduce a new numerical algorithm based on generalized Bessel function of the first kind GBF , spectral methods and Newton—Krylov subspace method to solve nonlinear FDEs. In this paper, we use the GBFs as the basis functions. Then, we introduce explicit formulas to calculate Riemann—Liouville fractional integral and derivative of GBFs that are very helpful in computation and saving time. In the presented method, a nonlinear FDE will be converted to a nonlinear system of algebraic equations using collocation method based on GBF, then the solution of this nonlinear algebraic system will be achieved by using Newton-generalized minimum residual Newton—Krylov method.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. A derivation of the ionization rate for the hydrogen-like ion in the strong linearly polarized laser field is presented. This derivation utilizes the famous Keldysh probability amplitude in the length gauge in the dipole approximation and without Coulomb effects in the final state of the ionized electron. No further approximations are being made, because the amplitude has been expanded in the double Fourier series in a time domain with the help of the generalized Bessel functions. View PDF on arXiv. Save to Library.

PDF | In this paper we discuss the theory of generalized Bessel functions and Laguerre 2D polynomials and 2D functions with applications.

An Application of Generalized Bessel functions on Two Subclasses of Analytic Functions

The generalized Bessel functions GBF are presented within the context of a more comprehensive formalism. Numerical results are given for the first-kind MGBF as well as for the GBF with the imaginary parameter, whose importance in multiphoton processes is extensively discussed. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

Some Fractional Operators with the Generalized Bessel–Maitland Function

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Keldysh theory re-examined: Application of the generalized Bessel functions

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eralizations have been proved to be important tools in applications. The theory of Bessel functions (BFs) is rich and wide, and certainly provides an.

Bessel function

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