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Studies have been conducted on six young healthy heat acclimatised Indians to determine the physiological changes in prolonged continuous work in thermally neutral and in hot dry and hot humid environments. Physiological responses in maximal efforts i. Vo 2 max, V E max and Cf max were noted. In addition, duration in continuous work at three sub-maximal rate of work in three simulated environments were also noted. Physiological responses like Vo 2 , V E and Cf were noted every 15 minutes of work. Besides these responses, rectal temperature Tre , mean skin temperature T s and mean sweat rate were also recorded during continuous work.

For this to be applicable, I would like to share information regarding the impact of Hot and Dry climate on Design strategies. Double walls with insulation in between are a suitable solution The size of the windows on the east and west sides should be minimized in order to reduce heat gain The flat roof is a good reflector and re-radiates heat efficiently, especially if it consists of a solid, white painted material. The courtyard is provided with water and plants, it acts as a cooling source. Internal courtyards provide cross ventilation and natural cooling. Inlets to be provided at lower levels and outlets at a higher level as they serve to vent the hot air.

Building Orientation Based on Climatology in India

Now where to direct this slope or where the ball should end its movement and hit on target, is what we call proper orientation according to the function or surroundings. In this way, orientating the buildings along with the micro climate is what helps to make a building sustainable enough and not a burden on the environment around. Orienting buildings is an important criteria but another aspect to keep the interiors also climate friendly is the orientation of the voids that are the fenestrations and openings on the structure. The building should respond well with the surroundings and in order to achieve this it is planned and oriented on site so that it resists various climatic changes around. The main four climatic zones of India are:. The main criteria here is to minimize the exposure of the built form with the direct sun in summers.


Physiological responses during continuous work in hot dry and hot humid environments in Indians

Show all documents This paper theoretically analyses the performance of indirect-direct two stage cooler in hot and dry climate of Bhopal, India. Indirect cooling stage consisting of plate type wet surface heat exchanger followed by direct cooling stage consisting of rigid cellulose and aspen fiber in rectangular, semi- cylindrical and semi-hexagonal shapes as cooling media is considered. Based on summer weather data of Bhopal, most frequently occurring condition of

Hot and dry

The climate of India comprises of a wide range of weather conditions across a vast geographic scale and varied topography, making generalizations difficult. Climate in South India is generally hotter and extremely humid than that of North India.

Hot and Dry Climate

Abstract:- This study evaluates bioclimatic principles application in the design of office buildings in hot-dry Climate region of Nigeria, using university senate buildings. Purposive sampling technique was adopted for the study whereby, three university senate building where selected from Dutse, Keffi and Zaria. Other secondary data were collected from the institution of study. Data collected were analysed using a five point Likert scale rating with weighted values ranging from 0 to 4 or absent to very high respectively, where mean weight values of variables were derived. Result shows a low rating of 1. Building envelop and orientation, Renewable energy source, sun shading devices, indoor air and natural cooling elements were therefore recommended in developing any office building within the hot-dry climatic region. Indoor and outdoor air temperatures are the dominant climatic factors affecting thermal comfort in the hot-dry climate [3].

Show all documents This paper discusses the thermal performance and the resulting energy savings by using Aerogel nano material, as a thermal insulation for buildings located in hot and dry climate. An energy simulation was carried out for a building model after applying Aerogel insulation and located in hot dry climate. The paper highlights the unique thermal properties of Aerogel which surpass those of the other conventional insulation materials used. Aerogel can prove to be a promising thermal insulator, contributing towards making the buildings more sustainable. Keywords: Aerogel, energy savings, nano materials, polystyrene, thermal insulation.

Various solar passive techniques have been studied in detail so that the undesirable impact in hot and dry climate could be mitigated. It is concluded that with the.

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Building Orientation Based on Climatology in India

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