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structure and function of atp synthase pdf

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As for every enzyme, the laws of thermodynamics command it; however, it is privileged to have a dedicated molecular regulator that controls its rotation. Recent evidence has also demonstrated that IF 1 may control the alignment of the enzyme along the mitochondrial inner membrane, thus increasing the interest for the molecule. We conceived this review to outline the fundamental knowledge of the F 1 F o -ATPsynthase and link it to the molecular mechanisms by which IF 1 regulates its way of function, with the ultimate goal to highlight this as an important and possibly unique means to control this indispensable enzyme in both physiological and pathological settings.

Understanding structure, function, and mutations in the mitochondrial ATP synthase

Human mitochondrial mt ATP synthase, or complex V consists of two functional domains: F 1 , situated in the mitochondrial matrix, and F o , located in the inner mitochondrial membrane. This review covers the architecture, function and assembly of complex V. The role of complex V di-and oligomerization and its relation with mitochondrial morphology is discussed. Finally, pathology related to complex V deficiency and current therapeutic strategies are highlighted. Despite the huge progress in this research field over the past decades, questions remain to be answered regarding the structure of subunits, the function of the rotary nanomotor at a molecular level, and the human complex V assembly process.

Bacterial ATP synthases have been studied extensively because they are the simplest form of the enzyme and because of the relative ease of genetic manipulation of these complexes. We expressed the Bacillus PS3 ATP synthase in Eschericia coli , purified it, and imaged it by cryo-EM, allowing us to build atomic models of the complex in three rotational states. The architecture of the membrane region shows how the simple bacterial ATP synthase is able to perform the same core functions as the equivalent, but more complicated, mitochondrial complex. The structures reveal the path of transmembrane proton translocation and provide a model for understanding decades of biochemical analysis interrogating the roles of specific residues in the enzyme. These enzymes are found in bacteria and chloroplasts as monomers, and in mitochondria as rows of dimers that bend the inner membrane to facilitate formation of the mitochondrial cristae Davies et al.

A concise overview of the chloroplast ATP synthase is presented, with an emphasis on its functions, regulation, composition, and structure from fluorescence energy transfer mapping. The functions of its five different polypeptides are briefly discussed. CF 0 binds CF 1 and functions to conduct protons across the thylakoid membrane. Insights into the structure and function of CF 1 as well as into subunit interactions, gleaned by structural mapping by fluorescence resonance energy transfer, are presented. Unable to display preview.

ATP Synthases from Archaea: Structure and Function

Log in Register. Microbial Cell, Vol. Abbreviations: mgi - mito-chondrial genome integrity, SNPs - single nucleotide polymorphisms. Correspondence: David M. Conflict of interest statement: The authors declare no conflict of interest. Mueller

Oxidative phosphorylation is carried out by five complexes, which are the sites for electron transport and ATP synthesis. A multi subunit structure that works like a pump functions along the proton gradient across the membranes which not only results in ATP synthesis and breakdown, but also facilitates electron transport. Since ATP is the major energy currency in all living cells, its synthesis and function have widely been studied over the last few decades uncovering several aspects of ATP synthase. This review intends to summarize the structure, function and inhibition of the ATP synthase. ATP generation is the principle energy generating procedure found in all forms of life. ATP is the fuel for the operation of almost all metabolic pathways of the cell. In an ATP molecule, two high-energy phosphate bonds, called phosphoanhydride bonds, are responsible for high energy content.

A multi subunit structure that works like a pump functions along the proton gradient across the membranes which not only results in ATP synthesis and.

An Overview of the Function, Composition and Structure of the Chloroplast ATP Synthase

J Gen Physiol 1 December ; 6 : — The nature of this turbine-like energy conversion mechanism has been elusive for decades, owing to the lack of definitive structural information on subunit a or its c -ring interface. In a recent breakthrough, several structures of this complex were resolved by cryo—electron microscopy cryo-EM , but the modest resolution of the data has led to divergent interpretations. Moreover, the unexpected architecture of the complex has cast doubts on a wealth of earlier biochemical analyses conducted to probe this structure. Here, we use quantitative molecular-modeling methods to derive a structure of the a — c complex that is not only objectively consistent with the cryo-EM data, but also with correlated mutation analyses of both subunits and with prior cross-linking and cysteine accessibility measurements.

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Structure of a bacterial ATP synthase

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Materials and methods

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    A multi subunit structure that works like a pump functions along the proton gradient across the membranes which not only results in ATP synthesis and breakdown, but also facilitates electron transport. The Mitochondrial Electron transport chain and ATP synthase.

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