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How did the domestication of Fertile Crescent grain crops increase their yields?

Jack Rodney Harlan June 7, — August 26, was a botanist, agronomist, plant collector, and campaigner for crop plant biodiversity conservation. Harry Harlan was a friend of the famous Russian plant breeding expert Nikolai Vavilov , and at the age of fifteen Jack Harlan met Vavilov when the latter stayed at the Harlan house during an international conference. This meeting inspired Jack to become a plant collector himself, and plans were made for him to travel to Russia after finishing his undergraduate degree to work with Vavilov. However the trip was cancelled as a result of Vavilov's deteriorating relationship with the Soviet authorities. Harlan earned a B. He went on to study under the famous botanist and geneticist G. Ledyard Stebbins at the University of California , where he received a Ph.

Agriculture in LDCs cannot continue to be treated as a residual … Growth in plants is restricted to certain zones, recently produced by cell division in a meristem. Producing annual crops of high-quality fruit requires a balance between reproductive and vegetative growth. There are several things we can do to influence whether or not a bud becomes a flower bud or remains vegetative. This is a good time to supplement N so that it is in an available form to meet the requirements for development. Longitudinal section of shoot tip shows an apical meristem, successively older leaf primordia, and axillary bud primordia. Development prior to anthesis.

Jack R. Harlan conceived the prevailing concepts of how the activities of human societies have shaped the evolution of crops used for food, feed, and fiber. Harlan collected and introduced over 12, accessions of plants into the United States. The world food supply now depends largely on only 12 to 15 plant species. Erosion of diverse gene sources from ancient landraces continues and more effective use needs to be made of germplasm collections in our gene banks.

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Correlation between ln total seed yield and ln individual seed mass for the cereal and pulse species. A brief description of the variance approximation used for the variance decomposition analysis. Comparison of three statistical methods used to analyse differences between crops and their progenitors. This special case of evolution under cultivation led to domesticated cereals and pulses requiring humans for their dispersal, but the accompanying mechanisms causing higher productivity in these plants remain unknown. However, the effects of initial domestication events can be inferred from consistent differences between traditional landraces and their wild progenitors. We studied how domestication increased the yields of Fertile Crescent cereals and pulses using a greenhouse experiment to compare landraces with wild progenitors.

Jack R. Harlan. 37 We shall deal with the activities of man that have shaped the evolution What kinds of plants did man eat before today's crops were.

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Jack R. He prepared the short chapter appearing in this book for presentation at the Symposium, but he was unable to attend because of an injury. He was very pleased and appreciative of the recognition given him at the Symposium, but unfortunately, he died 26 August and did not see this publication.

Archaeological material for the study of crop evolution. Key words: Zea mays , Manihot esculenta , archaeology, indigenous, starch. The study of the domestication of plants practically began in with the pioneer work of Alphonse de Candolle Candolle, , and increased with the development of the methodology of differential fitogeography of Vavilov , quoted by Harlan , Today it is experiencing great expansion as a result of joint analyses methodologies Harlan, These methodologies deal with evidences obtained from the plants themselves, including the live material experimental taxonomy, ecology, genetic systems, variation patterns, genetic reconstruction and archeological material archaebotanic, palinology, paleobotanic , the activity of contemporary men language, oral tradition, techniques, nutrition and the past history, art, archeology, physical anthropology and other sources geology, hydrology etc.

The Exploitation of Plant Resources in Ancient Africa

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The world's population is presently over 6. At the same time, the availability of land for farming and water to grow crops continue to decline. Will our food production systems be able to feed the growing population? Will the food that is produced be available to all who need it? We will address the topic of food security in depth at the end of the course.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. The domestication of crop plants has often involved an increase in apical dominance the concentration of resources in the main stem of the plant and a corresponding suppression of axillary branches 1.

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The evolution of apical dominance in maize

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