Hospitality And Tourism Management Program Year 1 Pdf

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hospitality and tourism management program year 1 pdf

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Hospitality and Tourism Management Program

Are you a people-person? Are you passionate about customer service and enriching people's experiences? Do you have an exceptional work ethic and enjoy a fast-paced environment? The demand for managers continues to grow as the demand for services grows. Along with this demand for services is an increasing emphasis on comfort, convenience and personalized attention.

Our program contains a unique blend of applied professional, professionally-related and liberal studies courses. Applied professional courses in hospitality and tourism management are core offerings. Research and technology are integrated into all facets of the program. Applied professional skills are developed throughout research assignments, tutorials, case studies, simulations, an internship course and off-campus applied projects. Current students should follow the curriculum based on the year they got admitted. If you are a transfer student with advanced standing, you must check your requirement term or contact htm ryerson.

Hospitality & Tourism Management Program (HTMP) Year 1 Student Textbook

It is a two year programme and provides job opportunities within tourism, hotel and catering as well as entertainment. Areas of expertise are management, marketing, personnel and development. Utilizing the combined knowledge of commercial, cultural and innovative aspects and principles of sustainable development with methodical considerations in the planning and organization of services. Employment most often found in middle management, but becoming an entrepreneur or working with trainees is also an option. It equips you to interact and collaborate in management teams and effectively build customer relations with people from various educational, linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

If this sounds like the young people you teach, the hospitality and tourism industry is waiting for your students. Tourism is recognized as a major driver of economic growth and development. A well-trained workforce is required to meet the needs of the travel and tourism industry both in the U. The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program HTMP provides the proper training for your students with classroom learning for the knowledge and skills the industry is seeking from the workforce. Along with reallife learning experiences, students will gain the advantage of the boundless opportunities available in this dynamic industry. The capacity of the tourism industry offers significant job creation and long-term career pathways. The Educational Institute s new high school curriculum introduces the hospitality and tourism industry on a global scale with a large focus on diversity.

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program opens a world of possibilities for students:. Contact Sales Review this curriculum for your school. Are you ready to learn more about the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program? The HTMP provides students with broad-based learning on the tasks, knowledge, and skills required by anyone wishing to build a career within the hospitality and tourism industry. It also fulfills many state-specific requirements.

Year 1. Hospitality and. Tourism Management. Program. Sales Sample Massachusetts Dept of Education, Hospitality Management. () License.

Curriculum Overview

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Hospitality and Tourism Management Program (HTMP)

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