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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Training, motivation and teamwork improvement: The case of construction firms African Journal of …, Abu Hassan Abu Bakar. Amin Akhavan. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Training, motivation and teamwork improvement: The case of construction firms. African Journal of Business Management Vol. Accepted 15 March, A powerful human resource development system is a critical strategy for every construction companies, as in the coming years, human capital plays a significant role in order to have a successful organization.

Based on a combination of literature research and questionnaire surveys, the study explores the effect of training and motivation in HRD practices on teamwork improvement in construction firms. The research was conducted by sending 50 sets of questionnaires to the nominated contractor firms in Mashhad, Iran.

The analysis methods in this research were mainly descriptive and regression analysis and the type of investigation was co-relational study. The research found that the percentage of skilled and unskilled labour in the construction companies, some barriers and solutions of training and motivating workforces and the relationship between training and motivation practices in teamwork improvement.

Future research should try to address on how companies can shape the environmental and organizational settings in order to motivate staff and workers for training and development. Key words: Human resource development, training, motivation, teamwork improvement, construction. Over the order to have a successful organization Buyens et al.

Therefore, the dynamic support achievement of business strategies and external environments within which many construction improvement of organizational, team and individual businesses currently operate require that they develop a performance Lengnick-Hall et al. The importance of involving The previous research, which was conducted by human resources HRs in development, planning and Tabassi and Bakar , revealed that many of Iranian implementation of competency-based strategies has labour have low levels of education, low income, lack of been emphasized by a number of researchers Buyens et motivation and family struggles.

Their investigation has al. Furthermore, Iran is an earthquake prone country that On the other hand, the construction industry plays a has experienced more than strong earthquakes with significant role in the Iranian economy. According to the a magnitude of seven or more in past centuries.

E-mail: akhavan. Tel: Bakar, Considering Accordingly, the US literature is strongly biased towards the significance of these issues and the question of why performance in HRD definitions Lengrick-Hall and many buildings were destroyed during the past earth- Lengrick-Hall, For instance, Sambrook quakes in Iran, a lack of skilled labour in construction synthesizing US definitions, posits that HRD is a process projects of Mashhad was revealed in the study of Tabassi concerned with developing human expertise for the and Bakar.

Therefore, the current research attempts to purpose of improving performance. Nadler and Nadler define HRD as Training and development managed and organized learning experiences provided by the contractor, for a certain period for the purpose of The Oxford English Dictionary definition of training improving and enhancing job performance and providing defines it as a practical education in any profession, art or growth for individuals and companies.

Garavan et al. The HRD definitions are not differing significantly. In addition, Garavan performance in an activity or a range of activities defines it as the strategic management of training, Garavan et al. Many definitions development and management professional education and interpretations of training and development can be interventions. For instance, Van Wart et facilitating the attainment of organizational aims, while at al.

They argue that although general HRD, as an academic discipline, is now defined the principles are introduced in training, discussion of them is development of learning including knowledge and exper- limited because they are used to reinforce specific tise and the improvement of performance.

It considers a learning points. Swanson and Holton , define multi-level concept in that it focuses on individual, group, training and development as a process of systematically and organization issues. As a discipline, it relies on developing work-related knowledge and expertise in theories that describe the process of training and theories people for improving performance. While providing of organizational learning and changes.

However, HRD is specific training, a training and development effort can still considered with formless and penetrable boundaries further be designed to increase an individual's level of Garavan and Morley, On the other hand, training and development are ments and analyses of HRD theories have been limited in generally considered as planned effort by an organization the past two decades.

Since the commencement of the to facilitate the learning of job-related behaviour on the term HRD arisen attributed to Leonard Nadler in the part of its employees. Job-related behaviours can include early s , two approaches developed to HRD any knowledge and skill acquired by an employee that Simmonds and Pedersen, On one side, the can be related to organizational goals Wexley and British investigators and researchers have followed a Latham, In addition, McLagan defines learning and development paradigm, which concentrated training and development as identifying, assuring and on strengthened training and development issues helping to develop the key competencies that enable Garavan, et al.

According to the above definitions, training was emphasized performance outcomes paradigms which considered as a process. Therefore, it needs the effective concentrated on developing employees to enhance ways and methods in order to improve the performance.

Accordingly, the key themes of training and distance education techniques. They investigated the development are learning and individuals in organizations correlation between perceived effectiveness of a number Russ-Eft et al.

Therefore, the field of training and of different training delivery options and their frequency of development is directed toward individuals, and learning use.

Using a set of training delivery options that include is its key method of inducing change Rothwell et al. It is et al. The suggested here, though, that it is quite artificial to requirements for construction work and their changes separate distance learning from other methods of oblige the formation of bespoke teams each time a new training.

Indeed, distance learning methods and materials project is undertaken. The external sources of labour are can be used on-the-job, as part of a suite of training also very common in the industry Debrah and Ofori, methods, and can reduce the need for learners to be ; Langford et al. In fact, it is removed from their workplace to pursue learning needs. Loosemore, et al.

Therefore, managers, executives and supervisors can have a significant constructive impact on transfer of Motivation for training training Jong et al. That means motivation is a charac- flexibility, which employers have found is becoming teristic of an individual willing to expend efforts toward a increasingly important. Thus, it is important for an particular set of behaviour. In a training context, organization to maintain a necessary competence in its motivation can influence the willingness of an employee employees through adequate training Tai, Once the training needs of job.

Thus, it is likely that trainees cannot obtain all the extension personnel have been identified, the next step is benefits of training practices without considering training to organize training programs.

Methods such as role- motivation. Several researchers have shown an playing, simulation exercises, and case study can be association between training motivation and training used in extension construction industry to create learning effectiveness in their studies Facteau, et al. In some studies, also, The effective methods can be used for training it is revealed that the motivation played a more construction workers are on-the-job training, off-the-job determinant role than other individual factors concerning training Smith, , and distance education Sadler- training performance Tai, Since, training is one of Smith et al.

Table 1 makes a comparison the most important strategies for organizations to help between on and off-the-job training. It indicates the employees gain proper knowledge and skills needed to essential parts as well as the differences between these meet the environmental challenges Goldstein and two methods of training. For more details about on and Gilliam, ; Rosow and Zager, ; thus, off-the-job training see Van Wart et al. In an earlier Tannenbaum and Yukl, As stated before, between the learner and the trainer such that both use in a training program, motivation influences the the distance learning materials to structure activities, to willingness of an employee to attend training in the first access content knowledge, and to determine sequence place Maurer and Tarulli, ; Noe and Wilk, It and progression of learning.

Sadler-Smith et al. Table 1. Off-the-job training versus On-the-Job training. When learn. Finally, team belonging is another powerful incentive Therefore, the motivation of trainees plays an important for construction workers. According to Bart , role in the effectiveness of the training programs. When employees find themselves members of the organization.

Creating a team empowered in such ways, they will work in ways that belongingness environment make employees more meet not only their own needs and desires but also the motivated for training and development. Also, they can needs and wants of the company as a whole. When employees approach addresses development of good supervisor- find themselves belong to a team in such ways, they will subordinate relationships and cohesive work groups in exert more energy towards the successes of the group order to satisfy both social needs and the needs of and company as a whole.

To encourage worker participation, leaders and managers are advised to use a system that identifies and rewards workers who do a good job. Olomolaiye et al. According to Raiden and Dainty , the regarded as a powerful means to inspire enthusiasm changing requirements of construction activities necessi- among employees.

According to performance of their projects Tabassi et al. Analysis methods in the research peripheral concern. However, it is worth noting were mainly descriptive and regression analysis and the type of investigation was co-relational study.

Teams are in training labour in different types of companies such as the backbone of organizations. All the companies in that research were registered in the Khorasan Civil Engineering System Organization. The current research aims to concentrate on Objectives of the study contractor companies because of their direct relation to the labour training and motivation practices in the development process; and Mashhad is the second largest city of Iran in terms of make a comparison with the result of the past research.

According to the Seismic Design Code for Data analyses Buildings standard of Iran, the city is located in the area with the highest risks of earthquakes. There are As mentioned earlier, the companies, which were surveyed through various construction projects like residential, official, the research, were registered in the MPO of the country as contractor firms.

They were in three categories: governmental, semi recreational, entertainment, religious, and hotel buildings. Most of the respondents

Training, motivation and teamwork improvement: The case of construction firms

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In the project management paradigm, the managers always know that teamwork is their best weaponry when it comes to tackling the smallest to the biggest assignment. Good Teamwork makes sure that all of the resources extracted from the pool are properly managed accordingly and less production time is needed to complete an assignment. Still not convinces yet? Take a look at the following reasons why Teamwork is more important in Project Management than you think. When you have a diverse team that is working on different parts of a project, you create an environment that is rich in information across the board and increased creativity. This happens naturally when there are so many different minds sharing ideas and working together to achieve the same goal. With each team bringing something unique to the table, you can really create an effective strategy that will help you achieve your goals more quickly than before.

PDF | On Jan 1, , K. A. Smith published Project Management and Teamwork | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate.

Project Approaches to Learning in Engineering Education:The Practice of Teamwork

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Teamwork: the act of bringing several individuals together in order to efficiently and effectively complete a project. Project managers know that cooperation boosts productivity and is beneficial in a team environment. Teamwork is an enabler for the smooth running of projects. It speeds up the achievement of targets and helps project professionals overcome obstacles.

Within Teamwork, you can generate a range of different reports across all areas of your project. You can generate a project report via the project details panel on the left of the project's Dashboard tab. The project report is designed to give you an overview of all items within your project, including milestones, task lists and tasks. In the Activity subsection of a project's Dashboard area, you can export a report of activities on the project.

Training, motivation and teamwork improvement: The case of construction firms


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Teamwork and Project Management

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