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social and religious reform movements in india pdf

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India as a country is known for its glorious past, blossoming present and is believed to witness a prodigious future. It is very important for all of us to acknowledge such reform drives in case we want to qualify competitive exams like SSC, Banking etc.

Democratization in the Third World pp Cite as. The state of Kerala in the south-west has done surprisingly well in terms of quality of life and human development indicators in comparison with the rest of India. While one estimate of the human development index HDI was 0.

Several contemporary groups, collectively termed Hindu reform movements or Hindu revivalism , strive to introduce regeneration and reform to Hinduism , both in a religious or spiritual and in a societal sense. The movements started appearing during the Bengali Renaissance. The religious aspect mostly emphasizes Vedanta tradition and mystical interpretations of Hinduism " Neo-Vedanta " , and the societal aspect was an important element in the Indian independence movement , aiming at a "Hindu" character of the society of the eventual Republic of India. From the 18th century onward India was being colonialised by the British.

Detailed List of Social and Religious Movements in India – GK Notes for SSC & Bank Exams in PDF

In the first volume, Kenneth Jones looks at the numerous nineteenth-century movements for social and religious change - Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Zoroastrian - that use Socio-religious reform movemen Full description Saved in:. In the first volume, Kenneth Jones looks at the numerous nineteenth-century movements for social and religious change - Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Zoroastrian - that used various forms of religious authority to legitimize their reform programmes. Such movements were both indigenous and colonial in their origins and Professor Jones shows how each adapted to the challenge of competing nationalisms as political circumstances changed. The volumes in this part of the History consider the overall impact of British rule upon the whole sphere of religion, social behaviour and culture.

GK Questions and Answers on the Socio-Religious Reforms Movement in India

Although, the majority of reformation associated with religious beliefs and therefore most of the movement of the 19th century were socio-religious character. Here, we are giving a complete overview on the Socio-Religious Reform Movements and Reformers in India that will enhance the knowledge of readers to understand, how Indian Society transformed after reform movements. Raja Rammohan Roy Source: www. He was the founder of Atmiya Sabha in Calcutta in to propagate monotheism and reform in the Hindu society.

RRM Roy was a social reformer and intellectual in the early nineteenth century Bengal. He is most widely known for founding the Brahmo Samaj and his relentless campaign against the practice of Sati and child marriage. The socio-religious reforms are also referred to as the Indian renaissance The socio-cultural regeneration in nineteenth century India was occasioned by the colonial presence, but not created by it. Formation of the Brahmo Samaj in The idea of otherworldliness and salvation were not a part of their agenda. At that time the influence of religion and superstition was overwhelming.

With the advent of the British as a power to reform within India, by the start of the nineteenth century. Western influence became more evident in Indian culture too. There was quite a reformation in Indian society and religion. Indian culture was liberalized of some of the social and religious conventions, and its new outlook now contained a more westernized, logical and scientific approach, rationality of thought, self-introspection and a sense of nationalism. Many leaders and religious societies came into being and some of the most prominent ones are- discussed in the following sections. The activities of the Parmahamsa forum were confined to social reforms only.

Impact of Socio-Religious Reform Movements in India during 19th Century

Wertheim W. Religious Reform Movements in south and southeast Asia. This lack of attention is the more surprising as these Asian reform movements may prove of special interest to the western sociologist since they show some striking analogies with the Protestant movements which were the main objects of interest to those founding fathers of the sociology of religion Weber and Tawney These analogies are easy to understand several Asian countries have recently been passing through an economic process more or less comparable to the rise of capitalism in Western Europe An attempt to establish both the parallels and the divergences between these Asian developments and their Western European counterparts struck me as an attractive task do not consider this essay as anything but an initial trial based mainly on my specific knowledge of Islamic movements. B Mohr resp and W.

As the Reform movements at that time related with some religious beliefs therefore most of the movements of social reform were of a religious character. Socio-religious reform movements arose in most of the communities of Indian people. They not only attacked the bigotry but also superstition and the hold of the priestly class. Which of the following is not correctly matched? Hence, B is the correct option.

The greatest impact of the nineteenth century socio-religious reform movements was:. It has been noted earlier that atrocities on women through purdah, child marriage, hypergamy, dowry and sex-based inequality in regard to division of work, education, occupation, freedom, etc. Not only were legislations against these ills passed, but concrete social actions were also taken to ameliorate the plight of women. It was an era of new enlightenment, of indigenisation with an open mind, welfarism, liberalism and equalitarianism. Even radical westernisation was pleaded for by Ram Mohan Roy as a means to rejuvenate the decaying Indian culture and society.

Hindu reform movements

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