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Copper alloys are metal alloys that have copper as their principal component. They have high resistance against corrosion. The best known traditional types are bronze , where tin is a significant addition, and brass , using zinc instead.

Copper and copper alloys

Brasses have have a interesting combination of mechanical properties and easiness to manufacture complex parts. The Cu- und Zn alloys are non-magnetic and expose good tribological properties. The higher the Zn content, the better are the mechanical properties, however cold-formability decreases. The use of brass is reduced in many applications because of the poor mechanical strength and because of the low relaxation resistance at high temperature in connector technology applications. Leaded brasses offer excellent machinability.

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Structure of Age-Hardened Aluminium-Copper Alloys

Part 1 Overview on copper and aluminium alloys: Corrosion behaviour of non-ferrous alloys in sea water in Polish marine industry; Erosion-corrosion interactions of copper and aluminium based alloys. Part 3 Aluminium bronzes: Long-term and accelerated corrosion testing methods for cast nickel aluminium bronzes in seawater; Galvanic corrosion of nickel-aluminium bronze coupled to titanium or CuNi alloy in brackish seawater. Part 4 Aluminium alloys: Corrosion and protection of aluminium alloys in seawater. Part 5 Aluminium based anode material: Electrochemical of the performance of new aluminium alloys as sacrificial anodes; Low voltage aluminium anodes optimization of the insert-anode bond; Improvement of the performance of al-zn-in anode in seawater by control of casting parameters and alloying elements. This important book reviews key factors affecting the corrosion and service life of these materials in the marine environment. The book is divided into five parts, with part one reviewing key aspects of the corrosion behaviour of both these alloys. Part two discusses the use of copper and copper-nickel alloys in seawater, whilst Parts 3 and 4 cover aluminium bronzes and alloys.

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Introduction to Copper and Copper Alloys. James Michel. Manager, Technical Services. Copper Development Association Inc. May

List of copper alloys

This is achieved by the alloying process: to produce a solid material out of two or more different metals. By combining copper with other metals, a range of copper alloys can be made to fit almost any application. There are more than copper alloys, each with a unique combination of properties, to suit many applications, high quality requirements, manufacturing processes and environments. Pure copper has the best electrical and thermal conductivity of any commercial metal.

In exposure tests were started in Sweden to gain knowledge of the natural patination and the corrosion behavior of copper and copper alloys when used outdoors. The investigation covered 36 alloys in sheet or rod form: 5 coppers, 20 brasses, 5 phosphor bronzes, 1 silicon bronze, 1 aluminum bronze, 1 cadmium bronze, 2 nickel-silvers, and 1 free-cutting phosphor bronze. Specimens were exposed in rural, marine, and urban atmospheres. After two- and seven-years' exposure, specimens were examined.

Corrosion Behaviour and Protection of Copper and Aluminium Alloys in Seawater, Volume 50

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