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Before , most of the domestic copper production in the US and an important share of imports were traded at a price set by the major US producers. At the same time, the rest of the world was trading copper at prices determined in auction markets. This two-price system ended in , when the largest US producers began using the Comex price of refined copper as a benchmark for setting their prices.

HBR first published this article in November as a practical guide to the problems involved in pricing new products. Particularly in the early stages of competition, it is necessary to estimate demand, anticipate the effect of various possible combinations of prices, and choose the most suitable promotion policy. To update his original statement, Mr.

Estimating Market Power and Strategies: Contents

Delis, Manthos D and Tsionas, Efthymios : The joint estimation of bank-level market power and efficiency. The aim of this study is to provide a methodology for the joint estimation of efficiency and market power of individual banks. The proposed method utilizes the separate implications of the new empirical industrial organization and the stochastic frontier literatures and suggests identification using the local maximum likelihood LML technique. Through LML, estimation of market power of individual banks becomes feasible, while a number of restrictive theoretical and empirical assumptions are relaxed. The empirical analysis is carried out on the basis of EMU and US bank data and the results suggest small differences in the market power and efficiency levels of banks between the two samples.

No company can totally avoid the impact of increasing costs. And most managers have learned to adjust to the effect inflation has on current operating costs. But few have factored it into their competitive strategies. And most managers, particularly those in capital-intensive industries, have not paid enough attention to the way increasing capital requirements affect […]. And most managers, particularly those in capital-intensive industries, have not paid enough attention to the way increasing capital requirements affect their ability to compete in the long run. As a result of research and consulting work he has done with a number of capital-intensive companies, this author thinks that any organization can better its strategic position despite, and even because of, inflation. In this article, he takes the reader step by step through a diagnosis and analysis of changing cost patterns as well as through the formulation of a strategic solution.

The basic purpose of the project is to determine the profit impact of market strategies PIMS. The earlier article established a link between strategic planning […]. The earlier article established a link between strategic planning and profit performance; here, with additional data, the authors come up with a positive correlation between market share and ROI. The authors discuss why market share is profitable, listing economies of scale, market power, and quality of management as possible explanations; then, using the PIMS data base, they show how market share is related to ROI. Specifically, as market share increases, a business is likely to have a higher profit margin, a declining purchases-to-sales ratio, a decline in marketing costs as a percentage of sales, higher quality, and higher priced products. Data also indicate that the advantages of large market share are greatest for businesses selling products that are purchased infrequently by a fragmented customer group. They conclude by advising companies to analyze their own positions in order to achieve the best balance of costs and benefits of the different strategies.

Estimating Market Power in the US Copper Industry

Understanding the extent to which firms exert market power is important for assessing the role and impact of a wide range of economic policies, including anti-trust, trade policy and tax policy among many others. Focussing solely on high levels of concentration, though it may provide prima facie evidence of market power that may affect the outcome of policy changes, does not necessarily imply that firms are behaving anti-competitively or exploiting their potential market power. To this end, evaluating the extent to which firms do exert market power should be the focus of attention. There is a long history in industrial organisation of research that has addressed this issue, ranging from earlier industry cross-section studies associated with the structure—conduct—performance SCP paradigm through to the new empirical industrial organisation involving Most users should sign in with their email address.

Cambridge Core - Strategic Management - Estimating Market Power and Strategies.

Assessing the market power of millers and wholesalers in the Bangladesh rice sector

It is also an important topic for managers and for managerial economics, since it can be related to sustainable advantage for a company and it is usually at the center of antitrust cases in which a company may be involved. This chapter defines market power, discusses how it arises, and describes the various methods that have been used for empirically detecting and measuring it. Attention is also given to the role and measurement of market power in important antitrust contexts.

Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Monopoly power can harm society by making output lower, prices higher, and innovation less than would be the case in a competitive market. This monopoly-power requirement serves as an important screen for evaluating single-firm liability.

Department of Economics, Ph. Perloff,Jeffrey M. Bresnahan, Timothy F. Willig ed. Lerner,

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Competition And Monopoly: Single-Firm Conduct Under Section 2 Of The Sherman Act : Chapter 2

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Market Share—a Key to Profitability

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    Because of the increasing differential between farm and retail prices, the study proposes to investigate the extent of market power in the rice value chain of Bangladesh using advanced econometric techniques.

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