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ethiopia demographic and health survey 2018 pdf

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Ethiopia Mini Demographic and Health Survey Water Source and Technologies.

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Demographic and health survey

In recent years, the renewed focus on eliminating malaria worldwide has been accompanied by a rapid increase in the measurement of key malaria indicators through nationally representative household surveys. Information is collected on the ownership and use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets ITNs , indoor residual spraying IRS of insecticides, prompt and effective treatment of fever in young children, and the prevention of malaria in pregnant women. Most MIS surveys also include biomarker tests for anemia and malaria. This website serves as a home for Malaria Indicator Survey datasets and documentation. The datasets are publicly available for downloading after a simple registration process. The table also includes MIS surveys that are currently underway or planned, but for which the datasets are not yet available.

Anemia among children is a global public health problem. The burden is high in developing countries including Ethiopia. Although there are some studies about anemia among children, there is a dearth of information about factors associated with anemia in Ethiopia. Therefore, this analysis was performed to identify factors associated with anemia among children aged 6—59 months in Ethiopia. The EDHS selected the participants using a two-stage stratified cluster sampling technique. A total of 8, children aged 6—59 months were included for this analysis. Both descriptive and logistic regression analyses were performed using Stata version

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Child vaccination is an instrument for saving millions of lives. Only one in twenty children has access to childhood vaccination in hard to reach areas in developing countries. Although studies have been done on childhood vaccination, factors associated with access and continuum were not considered in Ethiopia. Therefore, this study aimed to identify the factors associated with the access and continuum of childhood vaccination in the emerging regions of Ethiopia based on the EDHS datasets. Access is the provision of services in shorter waiting times and flexibly at all times and alternative methods of communication. Accordingly, continuum of care reflects the extent to which a series of discrete health care events are being experienced by people coherently and interconnected over time.

Timely breastfeeding initiation is a simple but important measure that has protective effects on infants and mothers. This study aims to determine the predictors of early breastfeeding initiation among mothers residing in Ethiopia. This study employed the Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey data. Socio-demographic and socio-economic factors including individual, household and community-level factors were examined of their significance against the outcome variable of early initiation of breastfeeding using a mixed-effect logistic regression model. The proportion of infants who had timely initiation of breastfeeding was

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he Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS) is the fourth survey implemented by the Central Statistical Agency (CSA). By virtue.

Demographic and health survey

Background: Improving maternal health in Ethiopia is a major public health challenge. International studies indicate that it is possible to improve maternal health outcomes through action on the Social Determinants of Health SDH. A negative binomial with random effects at cluster level was used to model the number of ANC visits whereas a multilevel binary logistic regression modeled binary responses relating to whether a woman had at least 4 ANC visits or not. The model estimates were obtained with the statistical software Stata SE 15 using the restricted maximum likelihood method. Results: Although the median number of ANC visits significantly increased between and , the majority of the women do not obtain the four ANC visits during pregnancy as recommended.

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The 2016 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (2016 EDHS)

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The Ethiopia Mini Demographic and Health Survey. EDHS Highlights​. The Ethiopia Mini Demographic and Health Survey ( EMDHS) was implemented by the Ethiopian Public Health (PDF, ,90 KB).

Ethiopia Mini Demographic and Health Survey 2019

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    The Ethiopia Mini Demographic and Health Survey ( EMDHS) was implemented by the Ethiopian. Public Health Institute (EPHI), in partnership with.

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