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finnish sauna design and construction pdf

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On the following pages you will find everything you need to know about the current range of EOS sauna heaters and EOS vaporizer systems, interesting information about our commercial sauna heaters, EOS control units, and an overview of our sauna accessories. Download catalog as PDF.

Sauna Layout Drawings

Sound interesting? Then read on for our top 21 sauna building ideas. Whenever we want inspiration for a DIY project, this site is always one of our first stops, and here we have a plan for a DIY sauna. Click for more details. There so much to love about this one.

Finnish Sauna: Design and Construction. Average Rating: 0. Building Information Foundation Rts. Shihabsushila Oxanne. Finnish Sauna Society visits Saunatimes. The sauna, a key element.

Finnish Sauna Design Construction And Maintenance

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The sauna is the temple of well-being for Finns. It is the perfect place to relax, calm down, cherish health and engage in social interaction. The mind and body can find harmony in the sauna. An authentic Finnish sauna experience is created through the joint effect of multiple senses: it includes sights, scents and sensations. Research evidence shows that the sauna has beneficial effects on various bodily disorders, such as skin, joint and cardiovascular diseases.

Finnish Saunas

The Finnish sauna Swedish : bastu is a substantial part of Finnish culture. The word sauna itself is of Finnish origin. The sauna in Finland is an old phenomenon [ citation needed ] and its roots are difficult to trace, but its earliest versions are believed to be from BC. Bath houses were recorded in Europe during the same time period, but Finnish bathing habits were poorly documented for most of history. One of the first written mentions of what is believed to be the sauna customs of the forefathers of the Finns was written by Nestor the Chronicler in

We are open! The number one sauna design feature for a clean long lasting sauna is proper air exchange. There should be an upper vent exhaust approximately 3 feet off of the floor, usually under the top bench. The lower vent fresh air intake should be at floor level, near the sauna heater which helps to circulate by convection and heats incoming air. For indoor saunas, instead of the lower vent it is acceptable to just leave a 1" gap under the door.

This book contains information and instructions for the design of genuine Finnish saunas, with sections on sauna rooms, components, seating platforms and furnishings, and the planning of the related heating, ventilation, and electrical installations, as well as the specialities of sauna stoves and their selection. It also includes a special chapter on building a traditional smoke sauna.

2. Convert a Shed into a Sauna

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21 Homemade Sauna Plans You can Diy Easily

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