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This paper introduces an alternative approach to conflict management in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The Niger Delta region, the crude oil bearing region of Nigeria, has witnessed an unprecedented spate of violent conflicts in the recent past, and all efforts to quell the conflict seem to have failed to yield the desired results.

Nigerian government.

The Nigerian State and Peace Building Mechanics in the Niger Delta Region

Theoretical underpinning in favour of the causes of plethoric crises could be underscored in the context that a doused conflict situation imposed by an authoritarian regime in this case, a series of military regimes could re-emerge immediately after the demise of such a regime even when there is an emergence of a seemly freedom-oriented dispensation democratic era. Among the crises that re-emerge at the inception of civil rule in Nigeria is the Niger Delta crisis. The Niger Delta crisis was initially indexed on a prolonged socio-economic and political alienation marked by poverty, hunger, disease and environmental degradation. The Niger Delta — especially in the oil-producing communities — featured perpetuated human insecurity basic needs , lack of infrastructures, wanton ecological damages, theft and unjust distribution of revenue from the sale of oil, coupled with perceived apathy on the part of government and the multinational oil companies in spite of significant contribution of crude oil to the Nigerian and global economy. Thus, the discovery of oil in the Niger Delta, instead of serving as means of blessing for the region brought total deprivation of the people from their own property and consequentially endangered meaningful growth and development. As a result, social conflict [4] which featured between militants on one hand and the local elites, government and the multinational oil companies on the other hand ensued. This also degenerated into the problem of hostage-taking and kidnapping of expatriates in the Niger Delta region, for whopping ransom.

A common root cause to the instability revolves round the issue of resource control and socio economic development of the region. However the plight of indigenous women in the face of intractable violence has largely been ignored. The just suspended armed engagement between the Joint military Task Force and various militant groups in the region has created several negative consequences for women and children which is subsumed under the bigger issues of violence. This policy Brief explores recent dynamics in the Niger Delta conflict in the context of the amnesty granted to militants, release of Henry Okah and the plight of the vulnerable groups in all the efforts geared towards resolving the conflicts. This brief specifically: Analyzes the recent violence and its impact on women and children; Critically examine the roles of different social groups in the life of the conflict; Highlights women not just as victims but as a group with the capacity to make both positive and negative contributions to the dynamics of the conflict; Explores the accelerators as well as resources for peace; and finally proffers options for response. Fair Use Notice: This page contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Skip to main content.

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Ending the Niger Delta Crises: Exploring Women's Participation in Peace Processes

The Niger Delta question represents one of the most intractable sources of political destabilization, constitutes a profound threat to national security, and economic development of the Nigerian state. Due to the multi-layered dimensions of the effects of crude oil, guns, profits, and geo-territorial instability, the protracted problems of the Niger Delta thus, provides us with pertinent analytical and contextual frameworks for the study of the dynamics, volatility and transparency issues in global extractive industries. In the muddled rivers and creeks of the Niger Delta, characterized by regional destabilization, there has emerged a clandestine economy of protection syndicates, marked exponential increase in kidnappings and targeting of expatriate workers, as well as state sponsored military reprisals against self-styled insurgents, warlords, and militia movements. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Agbu, I.

Oil conflict in the Niger Delta

The Niger Delta is again at risk of sliding into chaos. The 29 May inauguration of new federal and state governments offered an opportunity to resolve longstanding conflicts afflicting the oil-rich, deeply impoverished region. Six months later, the opportunity is unravelling amid new violence and criminality.

The energy sector — particularly power supply and electricity distribution — suffers from severe mismanagement and lack of investments, having adverse effects on internal stability, economic development and human security. Reliable and efficient access to energy is an indispensible ingredient for sustained economic growth. Consequently, the energy sector should represent a key priority for the government, and yet large parts of the country still suffer from repeated energy outages and blackouts, some even lasting for days.

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The Nigerian State and Peace Building Mechanics in the Niger Delta Region

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