Systems Biology Of Stem Cell Fate And Cellular Reprogramming Pdf

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systems biology of stem cell fate and cellular reprogramming pdf

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Julio C. Pluripotent stem cells are regarded as a promising cell source to obtain human dopamine neurons in sufficient amounts and purity for cell replacement therapy. Importantly, the success of clinical applications depends on our ability to steer pluripotent stem cells towards the right neuronal identity. In Parkinson disease, the loss of dopamine neurons is more pronounced in the ventrolateral population that projects to the sensorimotor striatum. Because synapses are highly specific, only neurons with this precise identity will contribute, upon transplantation, to the synaptic reconstruction of the dorsal striatum. Thus, understanding the developmental cell program of the mesostriatal dopamine neurons is critical for the identification of the extrinsic signals and cell-intrinsic factors that instruct and, ultimately, determine cell identity.

The application of Systems Biology approaches to Stem Cell research is becoming more and more necessary in order to address a variety of fundamental questions in this field. In particular, the identification of optimal sets of genes, whose perturbations can trigger specific cellular transitions, remains a challenge in the application of cellular reprogramming and differentiation strategies to regenerative medicine. In this talk, I will present computational approaches developed in our lab, which are based on cellular network models for the identification of cellular transition-dependent reprogramming and cell fate determinant genes. Our computational predictions have been experimentally validated in different cellular systems. Furthermore, this novel approach systematically makes these predictions without prior knowledge of potential candidate genes and pathways involved, providing guidance on systems where little is known. In addition, we recently implemented a computational method that integrates cellular signaling and gene regulatory networks to identify key signaling pathways controlled by the niche to maintain specific cellular phenotypes, and whose perturbations could trigger cellular transitions in-vivo.

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Nanog induced intermediate state in regulating stem cell differentiation and reprogramming

Metrics details. Heterogeneous gene expressions of cells are widely observed in self-renewing pluripotent stem cells, suggesting possible coexistence of multiple cellular states with distinct characteristics. Though the elements regulating cellular states have been identified, the underlying dynamic mechanisms and the significance of such cellular heterogeneity remain elusive. We present a gene regulatory network model to investigate the bimodal Nanog distribution in stem cells. Our model reveals a novel role of dynamic conversion between the cellular states of high and low Nanog levels. Model simulations demonstrate that the low-Nanog state benefits cell differentiation through serving as an intermediate state to reduce the barrier of transition. Interestingly, the existence of low-Nanog state dynamically slows down the reprogramming process, and additional Nanog activation is found to be essential to quickly attaining the fully reprogrammed cell state.

in presentations that covered stem cell heterogeneity, cell fate decision-making systems biological approaches for achieving a better understanding of stem cell and by nuclear reprogramming experiments (Eggan et al., ;. Hochedlinger mechanisms of cellular state transitions, and in addition to the development.

Systems biology of stem cell fate and cellular reprogramming

Understanding and engineering chromatin as a dynamical system. In press at Cell Systems. Wang, N. Beitz, A, and Galloway, KE. Engineering cell fate: Applying synthetic biology to cellular reprogramming.

Stem Cell Res. Online ahead of print. The pioneer and differentiation factor FOXA2 is a key driver of yolk-sac tumour formation and a new biomarker for paediatric and adult yolk-sac tumours. J Cell Mol Med.

Human pluripotent stem cells hold great promise for developments in regenerative medicine and drug design. The mathematical modelling of stem cells and their properties is necessary to understand and quantify key behaviours and develop non-invasive prognostic modelling tools to assist in the optimisation of laboratory experiments. Here, the recent advances in the mathematical modelling of hPSCs are discussed, including cell kinematics, cell proliferation and colony formation, and pluripotency and differentiation. Human pluripotent stem cells hPSCs have the ability to self-renew indefinitely through repeated divisions mitosis and can differentiate into any bodily cell type the pluripotency property.

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